9 Useful Free Seo Tools To Boost Your Website Traffic



So you just finish creating your dream website with lots of contents and the next thing is to start promoting your website so as to drive traffic, this is good but when you seat down to count the cost of having to promote your website most especially when you’re running on a tight budget it sure would be frustrating. But what if I tell you that there is way you can drive massive amount of traffic to your website without having to spend any money “Sounds good to be true right”.

I am referring to SEO. SEO which means Search Engine Optimization helps to enhance your ranking in the organic search result; SEO ensures that your website shows consistently on a search engine page when someone types in the keyword related to your website. Example, if you are into the furniture niche and you write an article on how to create a chair, when someone types that keyword “how to create a chair”, SEO ensures that your website ranks top on the search engine.

No matter the type of website you create and the niche you into, SEO is very vital as it can drive thousands of visitors to your website without you having to pay a dime. SEO sometimes might be tricky to understand as there are things that you need to put in place to get it right and in this article we will look at these things.

You don’t have to start looking for SEO experts to help you rank on search engines but with the use of some free SEO tools you can do this yourself and drive traffic to your websites. Though these tools are free but most might not give you the result you are looking for so I will be highlighting the few best SEO tools you can use that will provide tremendous result for you.

So let’s dive into it.


The first on my list is detailed, no matter the niche you are into there are other people in that same niche and they are called your competitors. This SEO tool gives you a specific rundown of the most popular websites related to your niche. This way you will be able to see the keywords they use to rank on Google and other search engines.

SEO Yoast

This should be the first plugin to install if you are using a WordPress website as it help to detect if your contents are SEO friendly or not. With this tool, your contents can be well optimized as you can in-put a specific keyword you want to rank for, a snippet generator, Meta description etc. to help your contents rank on search engines.

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